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Leo guevara.


Professional Cake Decorator born and raised in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico around flour, sweets and bread of all kinds. I come from a humble, hard working family that from generation to generation has been passed down the art of baking bread and the art of decorating cakes, which I am very proud of. I started working in my family's bakery since I was about six, seven years old. The first few things I learned was how to clean the trays on where the bread was baked on. This had to be done in order to be able to bake the bread every day. Then I learned how to clean around the bakery after work, and and finally I learned how to bag the bread that had been baked. At age eleven, I started decorating cakes. I didn't think that I was to be decorating big wedding cakes or special customed cakes, not at all. I started from zero and worked my way up. I was decorating simple cakes for birthdays or cakes that did not have so much detail. At the same time I had also started baking bread. Around the age of seventeen, I became a good scratch baker. Which is when a baker makes his cakes or breads out of scratch. I would make my own mixes without having to use the prepared mix. While learning this I was also learning something new everyday. Each day that went by I learned more and without realizing it, time flew by.At the age of nineteen, I had already became a full scratch baker and cake decorator. I was also responsible for having the bread baked and ready by 6:00am at my family's bakery. At the bakery, one had to work at night and very hard in order to have the bread ready for the next morning to deliver to the local stores around the towns. At age twenty I stoped baking bread because I found in myself that I enjoyed more decorating cakes rather than baking bread. Since then I have inclined myself to learn more and more each day. 

In 2005 for personal reasons, I moved from Juarez, Mexico to Oklahoma City, OK. in which I also learned a lot more than what I already knew. When I first came to Oklahoma I did not know anyone or knew where things were. I was walking to places because I did not have avehicle to move in and my English was zero. I mean I didn’t know any English, and I didn't know anyone, I was all on my own. But I managed to get around and meet some great people that help me around while I got situated in the city. Here in Oklahoma City, I also started working in grocery stores in the bakery department. But here in the U.S. I had to start from zero because I came from Mexico and I didn't know the language. I started helping bag the bread. When I learned some English I was able to start baking bread and then decorating cakes once again. But now that I know English very well and have learned alot, I have become a full time professional cake decorator. I have learned by working hard at other bakeries of all types and employing a variety of designs, formats, doing all kinds of occasion of cakes. From birthday cakes to tier wedding cakes with much detail. Now in present day I have gone from a young boy that was just bagging the bread from market stores to a man that is a scratch baker and cake decorator with more than twenty years of experience in this industry I am Leo Guevara, professional cake decorator, specialized in desserts, weddings, quincerañeras, birthdays, and all kinds of special occasion cakes.


Thank you for reading a litte about me...


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