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Let Us Design Your Special Cake


Leo's Cakery has over 21 years of combined cake decorating experience. We have refined the taste of our luscious cakes to perfection. Our meticulous attention to detail will not go unnoticed. From the flavors and fillings to the sculpted accents, our cakes will excite as well as delite your guests. We will be happy to Design yours for your specil event. From a elaborated Wedding or Quienceañera cake a belly baby shower to a small birthday cake. there is no cake to small or to big...

Wedding Cakes

Leo's Cakery is dedicated to creating the perfect cake or confection for your event.  We want to create something for you that will match every detail. From the decorations to colors & flavors, a cake from us is sure to please you and your guests.  We have many options to fit a wide range of budgets and tastes. learn more about what we have to offer.

Baby Shower Cakes

The arrival of a baby means a very special celebration, and a special cake made just for the occasion from Leo's Cakery. Find the perfect cake to celebrate a baby shower, baby's first birthday or any other special event for a baby! From delicate to elegant, our baby themed cakes are the prefect addition to any party or get together. Choose from our beautifully decorated styles, or work with our pastry chefs to design your own...

Birthday Cakes

Celebrate your next special occasion with a cake that says it all! Chefs, Books, dogs, fish and friends, we would like to turn your inspiration into a cake.

Every one deserves a very special birthday cake a nice decoration that reprecents something you really like, love, do or dream of.

For any of this just let Leo at Leo's Cakery know and he will do the best cake just for you...

3D or 2D Specialty

3-D cakes are standing-shapes of your choice of object. They must be at least 8 inches or bigger and will feed anywhere from 12 to 100+ people. Please call for prices.

3 dimensional in shape, each cake is a labor intensive work of art, so we can make it the most awesome personal cake you can get. The inside, it is a super delicious cake. Everything is 100% edible - one reason why we are different.  Remember it is not just a cake, it is an unbelievable 3D Cake!!!


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